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Send a hot meal to front line workers!

Are you...
A business who wants to help
An individual in need of help
A good samaritan with time or money to give
A business or individual who can produce or supply PPE

How it works...

The situation with the Novel Coronavirus has really put a lot of people out of work and others in situations where they are forced to stay in their homes, in quarantine, for 14 days.  

While many have family and friends who can help during these trying times, we know that not everybody has a strong support system. 

This is why we decided to start this FREE service.

We believe our community is stronger when people pull through together. 

Gofeedme.com is doing just that.

We are giving individuals who have time on their hands an opportunity to volunteer to shop for people who are in quarantine or self-isolation, or those who are part of the vulnerable population. 

We also partner with local restaurants and caterers to offer meals to those in need.  For example, indivuduals can purchase a meal for a low income family or a retirement home, which they can have delivered without leaving their home.

This service is ALWAYS FREE.  Tips appreciated, but not necessary.

Our volunteer shoppers take all the precautionary measures to stay safe and protect themselves and those we help.  They will  drop off your groceries along with a free guide on how to sanitize your buys.

Julia Lucio - CEO

Who we are working with

Grocery Stores

We partner up with local grocery stores who adhere to the best practice of cleaning, sanitizing and keeping the public safe.


Select caterers prepare nutritious meals that are affordable and ready to go

Food Suppliers

Summit Foods is our supplier of choice.  They are who we use for meal prep and basket making.

Maybe you?

We rely on volunteers to shop and deliver groceries and meals.  Tips can be accepted by all delivery people.  CLICK HERE.

I'm ordering on behalf of my parents who are both in their 90s. Your service is a godsend as my father thinks he's invincible and has been going to the shops up until a few days ago and loaded his car with gas yesterday. He's keeping his distance but my mother has several underlying conditions... lung and heart included, so we'd prefer not to risk it. I'm in Toronto and we have no other relatives in Cornwall,  so we don't have alternative options and my father doesn't want to burden neighbours (he's too independent). 

Bless you for setting this up
Patricia B.
Toronto, with Parents in Cornwall

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